Add Antioxidants and Vitamins to Your Food Instantly

Antioxidants and vitamins are found less and less in the food you eat these days. Food that is processed, has very little of its original nutrients left. By the time it gets in the box, the can, or the frozen food section, you are getting trace elements of vitamins and antioxidants. Produce, that is not organic, is lacking in nutrients as well, by the time it arrives at the grocery store. That is due to pesticides, the chemicals used to wash it. and the travel time. It is difficult to get the nutrients you and your family need from day to day.

Organic products have not been subject to pesticides, but they are fresh if they have been shipped across country on a truck. The time and temperature changes have broken down some of the potency of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are in the produce. Teas, especially herbal ones, maintain much of their original nutrients, until you brew them. The heat can diminish the healthy aspects of the tea. It is still a healthy alternative to coffee, processed juices, and soda, because it has so many antioxidants in it to begin with.

Vitamin supplements help to add to your nutrition, but there are natural options as well. Tea powder, such as organic matcha powder, can be added to most any foods. It replaces vitamins and antioxidants that have been lost from the foods you purchase in the store. The powder uses the entire tea leaf, so there are many more antioxidants present in it. There is more in the powder, than in tea you purchase for brewing. You can add green tea powder to most anything, in various amounts. You can add a little, or a lot, depending on your preference.

Organic green tea powder is great for smoothies, side dishes, and even baking. You are adding vitamins and antioxidants to food instantly. Your family may not even notice the taste, depending on how much you decide to use. You can get tea powder online at low prices. Recipes with green tea, sometimes come in the package, and are available online as well. Using it often in daily meals will help increase your family’s nutrition.