Austin & Wyatt Property List in Bishops Waltham From the Mansions to the Flats

Austin & Wyatt is the most acclaimed real estate agency in the Hampshire region, but there is good reason for this. The company has proven their ability to service both high end clientele looking for one million euro plus properties, as well as families looking for a starter home in the range of 200,000 to 400,000 euros. These are separate markets entirely, and it is difficult to service both groups with equal focus and determination.

This is a special achievement and stigma earned by the company over their many years in business. So when the company has 32 total listings currently available, there is a lot of breadth and uniqueness in each one of these slots. Below is a fair highlight of what to expect from each major tier of home price.

Top Tier: 600,000 and Above

The top tier for some cities in Hampshire may be closer to 400,000, but in this luxury town the range is closer to 700,000. This includes a wonderfully classical 750,000 euro four bedroom home on grange Road. This marks an astonishing achievement and landmark of design, merging a very classic style home with rolling steps, an extravagant landscape, and close proximity to the heart of the area in the downtown market.

Low Tier: 200,000 and Below

There are many homes in the mid-range between these two values. But the extremes provide an assessment of what one can find in Bishops Waltham. The lowest tiers of homes in the Austin & Wyatt property list in Bishops Waltham are most certainly not of poor quality. One can find a 200,000 euros home on Victoria Road. This property boasts two bedrooms, an en-suite in the master, and an open balcony in the rear of the home. Though it may lack the spirited clout of its more expensive brother homes, it still manages to capture the energy of Hampshire at a third the price.

There is no denying that one gets what they pay for when it comes to real estate in this city. But homes of nearly any kind have something to offer beyond shelter. They provide solace. They provide a place to grow, and a place to perhaps experience the lifestyle of Southern England.