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Speak Like A Native: Why You Should Go To American Accent Training Today, English is considered the main language in the business world, and it is the preferred language for communications and transactions. This is also the main reason why a lot of people are keen on learning the English language. It is also important for a lot of people to acquire an American accent since American English is the preferred version among most people. You may want to improve your pronunciation if you are looking to acquire an American accent, so you will be able to sound and feel more confident. It may actually be beneficial to you if you live in the United States and acquire an American accent. More doors may be opened for you if you have an American accent, although it is not necessarily a requirement. It would be best if you learn how to speak with an American accent especially if you’re new to living in the United States as speaking with a foreign accent might impose some difficulties on your part. Looking for a good job in the states and hoping to climb your career leader will definitely be a lot easier if you have an American accent. Most American employers would often prefer to hire people with American accents compared to those with foreign ones. The reason behind this is not discrimination but because employers do not want to risk miscommunication. In example, a workplace that is dominated by people with American accents would find it quite challenging to understand a person with a strong English accent. Thus, a lot of employers prefer to hire people with American accents because communication within a business is crucial for operations. You might feel out of place when you notice that you don’t speak the same way as everyone around you, especially when you first move to the United States. A communication gap between your peers may even arise. The reason behind this is not because your accent is frowned upon but because you may be speaking English with a different rhythm, timing, and intonation, which can be difficult for others to understand.
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Since many people who do not have English as their first language fear miscommunication, they then strive to acquire an American accent. Saying something with a foreign accent may offend American natives and likewise, people with American accents could say something that you might misunderstand. In addition, non-native speakers often find it difficult to understand American accents due to their apparent speed in talking.
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Lastly, when you have difficulty in effectively communicating English with your foreign accent, you might face difficulty in everyday tasks. Some of these task include navigating the city, buying groceries from the supermarket, and even making friends with your neighbors. As a result, having an American accent will indeed be beneficial since it is crucial in oral communication.