Museum Gifts

If you are a salesperson, you may maintain contact information on dozens, if not hundreds, of customers and sales leads. Contact management software often provides for recording the birthday of your contacts so that you can single out individuals for special recognition at least once a year. If you happen to sell items of some value, you may feel it necessary to include modest (or even not so modest) gifts with your birthday greetings. But that creates the salesperson’s dilemma: what to give?

Think about it – you want to give something that is not necessarily expensive, but is imbued with a quality look and feel. Nothing turns off a customer or prospect faster than a cheap or ill-considered gift. But if you are competing with other salespeople and they give gifts, you can’t afford to do nothing. You, then, are a perfect candidate for giving a gift purchased from a museum.

Museum gifts are a great idea. First of all, just about everyone loves museums of one kind or another. If your contact manager keeps track of customer interests and hobbies, you are halfway home. The next step is to visit the gift shop, either physically or over the Internet, of a museum that encompasses your customer’s area of interest. There are museums for just about everything, from golf to medieval weapons. The people who stock museum gift shops are selected for their interest and knowledge in a particular area, and know how to differentiate items of value from cheap throwaways.

Jewelry or diamond rings are a popular item, and museums that display priceless gems and jewelry often sell tasteful reproductions at a very reasonable price. A pair of earrings that hearken back to Elizabethan England is sure to make your contact (or your contact’s wife) thrilled and impressed with your good taste. A small statue that reproduces a Mayan artifact will please clients who are interested in interior home decorating. Many salespeople join one or more museums so that they qualify for member discounts, which can add up over time.

Of course, it’s nice to know that museum gifts help a worthy institution. Many museums cannot sustain themselves on ticket sales alone. Museum gift shops make an important contribution to an institution’s bottom line, ever more important in these times of meager government financing. It’s also good to support the artisans and craftspeople that create many of the items stocked in a museum gift shop. Without your patronage, many of them would be unable to pursue their art. So, the next time your contact manager alerts you to a customer’s upcoming birthday, check out the wares at a museum gift shop – it’s a thoughtful gift from just about any perspective.

The Life of a Concierge

As a successful Miami Beach concierge, I am often asked by friends and admirers how I like the lifestyle. Many are, I think, a little envious. Well, if you think it’s all glamour and high-pay, you are only partially correct. Yes, I enjoy going to Harry Winston’s to pick out a diamond necklace for the wife of a client who is too busy (or diffident) to do it himself. But I’m just as likely to be walking some mutt and picking up its poop. A good concierge accepts the yin and the yang of the job, enjoys the fun parts and charges plenty for the unpleasant bits. For instance, I have one elderly client who recently went to look at safe tubs and had one installed in her condominium. I help her bathe every day — not fun but well-compensated.

In a place like Miami Beach, you can easily charge $45 an hour and up, depending on the client and the task. Anything involving the personal hygiene of your client or your client’s pets will command a substantial surcharge, which they will gladly pay. I don’t think I need to go into details.  Another thing that wealthy mothers don’t mind spending money on is you taking her kids out for some adventure, say to the movies or an amusement park. The elite mothering class usually employs nannies, but many nannies are not equipped to handle these kinds of outings. That’s where a personal concierge comes in. If you drive a large car and know the best places to take kids so that Mommy can get over to the day spa for a few hours, you will be a hero.

Of course, a good personal concierge must be discreet. Never share the names of your clients with anyone, especially other clients. You must be like the three monkeys: see no evil, etc. Clients know that if you tattle on your other clients, you will tattle on them. And that is not good.

Being a personal assistant really doesn’t leave me much time for myself, as I am basically on call 24/7/365. Luckily, my needs are modest, and the pay helps me satisfy most of them. While you must keep a certain professional aspect to your relationships with clients, you will quickly find yourself befriending some of them and this makes the job a lot more fun. In a way, your clientele is your extended family, even though you charge them for the privilege. I say to the people who know me: don’t hate me for my success. Instead, walk a mile in my very comfortable and expensive shoes – you just may be surprised at the things people are willing to pay for.

Investigation Is Definitely Important When Looking For A Bedroom

Everybody really should replace their bed each and every eight years or perhaps as soon as the bedding begins to become unpleasant. Simply because this is not an investment you will have frequently, it may be very complex. Fresh technological innovation available on the market needs to be assessed to help make the most suitable decision. Thankfully, the web is an excellent research device. Despite the fact the Internet gives plenty of details, it really is just a place to start in terms of buying a new mattress. The information you locate on this website will give you the knowledge you’ll need for you to speak with the sales staff at the bedding shop. Knowing about the different types of bedding can give you a starting place for your conversation together with the workers in the sales floor. However, it truly is impossible to buy an ideal mattress without actually lying down on several beds inside the showroom. The sales people really desire for their buyers to try out their bed well before they decide on a mattress thus you should not be worried about spending a long time while in the retail store. In case spare time is a concern, you may click to read more regarding each of the most up-to-date bed mattress engineering before you go shopping. Using this method, you will not spend your time and energy checking out beds you are aware won’t be ideal for you. It is additionally useful to bring your partner with you as you go shopping so you can be certain you can both be capable of getting a comfy night’s sleep within your new bed furniture. A mattress is really a substantial expenditure and you possibly won’t get another one for a minimum of five years hence make sure you thoroughly investigate the options and examination as numerous mattresses as you can. It is a great post to read prior to when you go out to go to mattress merchants. It will show you regarding the different types of bed furniture obtainable right now and give you a concept of what one could be ideal for your distinct circumstance. Despite the fact that memory foam bed mattresses are among the most favored, it really is vital not to rule out other types of mattresses well before you do have a chance to learn more about all of them.