The Ultimate Guide to Brands

Corporate Identity, Brand Identity, and the Brand Image

Nowadays there are different kind of brands and corporate that are available in the market so we need to distinguish all of them. A corporate identity usually focused on the visual aspects of a company’s presence. When corporate identity will execute the companies profile, they are usually modernizing their casual image such as their logo, designs and collateral. Even if there are changes in the brands visual image, it doesn’t entail a change in their values, so that the heart of the brand will still remain as the same, what its mission and vision all about. However companies will always fall in this fallacy, that when the brand’s logo will change it will come also that the value of the company’s brand will change together with it. The clients perception towards the company they know will still remain as is, they know that the company’s quality and service being rendered to them are still there even if the company’s visual identity has changed.

The best explanation why there are changes in the company’s logo is that the company is still concerned about how there company looks. Company do maintain their logo’s modern look, as time goes by it is still advisable to change their visual identity. An effective and successful new look on a company’s logo is called as evolution not revolution. If the company’s brand will have an overall changes in their visual identity, this may alarm the consumer if the brands will change its values and if another new owner will run the business. Some brand has a strong personality which that clients are so attached to it, they might be changes in the trust of each client, it can also destroy the emotional attachments of the brand. Every individual do not expect mood swings when this happen, they are just concerned of the company’s brand which they have totally trusted ever since.

The intention of changing the brands visual aspects is just to improve its value, with the help of the corporate identity it will accompany the widespread of the changes in the organizational culture, quality and service standards in a company. A company will receive a positive feedback on the consumer, meaning the changes in the visual identity is a successful one. If you receive a wonderful and positive feedback from your client, so the money you invested in it doesn’t matter anymore.

Another type of identity is the brand identity, it makes a total proposition that the company’s brand promise to the consumers.

A brand image is where the consumers may observe the brands logo or the visual image but doesn’t match with the brand itself.

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