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Deciding On Your Office Phone System

Any business needs a comprehensive office phone system to be successful. These office phone systems will make your overall communication and efficiency better by providing the means to reduce call processing time, ensuring your staff are readily available during working hours, and especially when the system is integrated with a customer service management (CRM) system, making you more effective at providing good customer service.

Installing the correct office phone system can help you minimize spending in the long run by offering shared resources and removing ongoing cost of several individual lines. Also, most systems are quite easy to expand even after installation. Setting up additional line and upgrading your phone system packages are a lot cheaper compared to having a totally different phone system each time your business requires you to expand. Since office phone systems are usually made up of interconnected telephones, lines and numbers, it’s ideal and very efficient for phone transfers and conferences. These systems can also come with systems that work over PSTNs or public switched telephone network, as well as systems that are internet activated, such as voice over internet protocol (VoIP) or simply, internet telephony. Some models are also internet-activated but are given as hosted systems or are cloud based. Hosted options, despite some limitations, are best for small businesses which are on a tighter budget, as you don’t necessarily have to purchase pricey equipment.

You can pick between systems with cordless handsets or traditional corded ones, perhaps a cell-phone based system too. Alternatively, pick a system equipped with virtual handsets which you can operate with a virtual keypad, a headset, and/or speakers and mic.

Your options are very wide: you’ll get features such as unified messaging, customized voicemail and hold music, video calling, instant messaging, computer integration and conference calling. A full understanding of the types of office phone systems and the feature each model offers is required in order for you to make a wise decision. Start by being well-informed – review updated articles, small business phone system options, consumer reviews, etc.

An office phone system that will help your business boost productivity in the workplace is what you need to focus on. With your employees utilizing the same means for communication, it’s much easier for them to just transfer calls as compared to having to physically go and look for the call recipient or move across the vicinity to pick up the call. You can also keep track on productivity easily by monitoring whether your employees are using their business phones for non-business related reasons. A well-integrated system makes it possible for you to quickly review call charges and identify misuse of communications as well.