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Aircraft Refuelers 101

Aircrafts need fuel to fly. Staying in the airport for several hours will bring your attention to the various activities and types of aircraft coming in and out, along with the vehicles moving toward each plane when it arrives. Some planes can only carry a limited amount of fuel so when it land, refueling is done. Here is where aircraft refuelers play a big role.

Aircraft refuelers are specially made vehicles that can carry large amounts of AVgas, some up to 7,000 gallons so it can aid aircrafts. Such trucks are driven by someone well-trained in the whole refueling process along with safety procedures so that fuel can be picked from the fuel farm to the specific aircrafts. Transport trucks used in refueling must be in top condition, properly maintained and must have built-in capabilities. Essential Refueling safety tips

Knowing how the pump workers is one of the first things you need to do.

This also goes for the location of the safety equipment.

It is important to use the right fuel properly.

A precaution you need to follow is the no smoking in the refueling area.

If there is a need to fill the tank to maximum, make sure you do not overfill.

The area around the fuel caps can be easily damages so never put the nozzle on the lid.

Your safety is guaranteed when you follow the tips given.

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