Making and Maintaining a Facebook Page for Businesses

In 2015, Facebook recorded more than 1.44 billion active users from around the world. This is why taking the time and effort to make and maintain a Facebook page is crucial for any business, no matter how small. Let’s look and see how one successful business, food company Hampton Creek, made and maintains their own Facebook page.

Keep Design Simple

Take great care in choosing a banner and avatar for Facebook. This will be the first thing many Facebook users will see. A simple, non-controversial design with a simple logo helps give that all-important first impression for potential new customers. Hampton Creek has the “Just” line of foods, so their logo and avatar is a simple yet eye-catching white “just” in script font against a black background. This logo gently reminds customers to look for the “Just” food line that they saw on Facebook. The name “Hampton Creek” was not needed as there is as of yet no products offered named “Hampton Creek.”

Don’t Just Sell — Offer More

Businesses want Facebook users to click on that “like” button so that their posts will appear in the Facebook users’ feeds. How do businesses get those “likes?” They do not just plug their own products or services. They offer content, news and information that their customers want. Hampton Creek, for example, offers recipe videos for common staples like vegetable broth, spaghetti sauce and vanilla cupcakes.

Offer Special Deals for Facebook Users

Make it worthwhile for customers to keep checking out your Facebook page by offering deals just for them that cannot be found elsewhere online or in print. Offer contests just for Facebook users where they are entered by clicking “Like” on certain posts. Hampton Creek offers coupons just on Facebook.

Keep Checking Daily

Modern customers expect quick answers to their questions. It’s only courteous to respond to questions, comments and criticisms on Facebook posts as quickly and calmly as possible. Even just one hour a day five days a week to post new items or links to items your customers may like and to respond to their comments will keep the connection between business and customer solid and vibrant. List when the office is closed or even post when customers can talk to the company.

In Conclusion

Facebook makes it easy to make and maintain an active online presence for any business. Keep it simple and keep posting as often as possible.