Purchase A Full Home Report From Harvey, Donaldson & Gibson

Scottish lawmakers are taking steps to protect future home buyers. They enacted a law requiring homeowners to disclose certain things when they want to sell. The law requires a three-part home report. The home report includes a single survey, an energy report and a property questionnaire. Home buyers have the opportunity to find out about any defects before they purchase a home.

The single survey contains data about the condition and value of a home. The report has to be completed by professional chartered surveyors. People trust a full home report from Harvey Donaldson & Gibson. They are one of the largest residential surveying practices in Scotland. Additionally, Scotland is the first country to require an accessibility audit. This is vital information for people with young children or disabled family members. Generally, the estate agent must release the report within nine days of a request. There is no fee for the report but the seller can recover the cost of copying and postage. The energy report documents a home’s energy efficiency and its environmental impact. Environmental impact is measured in terms of carbon dioxide emissions. This report suggests ways to make the home more energy efficient so the owner can save on fuel. In addition, there are recommendations on ways to make “green choices” in order to reduce carbon emissions.

The property questionnaire has information that makes the sales process more efficient. It includes a home’s tax information, parking facilities and factoring information. The property questionnaire should disclose any local authority notices directed at the home, and whether there have ever been any renovations. Estate agents are not required to release a home report in certain instances. For example, if they think a person cannot afford the house or is not really interested in buying it. However, they have to be careful not to discriminate against anyone. Interested buyers can complain to the local authorities if they are treated unfairly. Hopefully, this problem does not occur too often. This law ensures that home buyers won’t get any unpleasant surprises when they move in. It should be expanded to other countries, as well.