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Modernizing the Catholic Church It is a holy and blessed activity to go to church and attend or hear mass for those who belong to the Catholic religion. Inside the church, we can feel and sense holiness and serenity. You cannot expect modern technology to be installed inside a church that has been there for centuries and more. Can you imagine old and young alike bringing their iPads and cellphones inside the church with a wi-fi? The situation is unimaginable indeed if most people will not be listening to the mass because they are all busy on their iPad, watching a video play, or updating their facebook page. Actually, a new downloadable application for iPhone gadgets was released that caused the alarm of the Vatican. Upon learning the news, Vatican immediately issued an interdiction on such tool, and reminded the people to shy away from the lure of modern technology when inside the church.
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The new app is created by a person in a company in Indiana that sells and distributes the app.
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The software is now available through iTunes, and to use it, the users will have to purchase and then download the software. However, the software for now is only exclusive for use for those with iPhones in the United States. The Catholic Church is offended with the development of this new software, while it is undeniable that the new tool is considered a bright idea from a person who wants confession an act through modern technology. People are undeniably comforted and put to ease with the new technological innovations today. Latest tools and equipments like iPones and iPads, new laptops and computers, and other high-tech products are designed and invented to help people in performing our modern tasks with speed and easiness. A person is given a choice, if using this new Catholic app, to go to confession without going to church, or wait in long lines, just to confess to a priest. Instead, the person just needs to have an iPhone service, download the application from iTunes for $1.99, and start doing the confession rite. The Confession app has its advantages given the mentioned benefits. We however can say that Vatican is correct with its stand if we consider the holiness of the confession act. The Catholic Church would not want these latest technologies to come over the virtues and rulings of the Catholic church and its Scriptures. People should still observe proper boundaries, and honor values of the Scriptures, even if these new technologies give comfort and easiness to us. The Holy Scriptures has showed us for many centuries the proper and holy way of confession, and so the Vatican is definitely right to ban the Confession app.