Why Guards are Necessary

Don’t do it yourself

Many people underestimate the benefits associated with hiring a guard in order to secure their places of business. They assume that with a security camera and their own weapon, they can safeguard themselves from danger. However, this is not an accurate point of view and this can easily go awry during emergency situations. Firstly, a security camera alone cannot do the job. While it may deter a small number of criminals from committing crime, it will not shield you from a violent crime or attack. Security cameras are appropriate for surveying the area when you are not present. However, they will not save your life during a disaster of any sort. And of course, arming yourself with a weapon may not be effective in all circumstances, for a few key reasons. Guards dedicate their time and attention to scrutinizing the environment and people for anything that is even remotely suspicious. It is important that guards do not lose sight of what is transpiring around them. Hence, if you are armed with a weapon, you will be far too occupied with handling customer transactions to properly attend to any potential dangers in the surrounding environment. Furthermore, you may easily overlook any degree of criminal or suspicious behavior, leaving you especially vulnerable to a very dire situation. Hence, you may only be aware of an attempted robbery once the criminal is explicitly threatening you. By this time, you may be too frazzled to properly defend yourself. This is one of the primary reasons why you should hire a professional to survey the environment and attend to these needs. This will allow you to attend to all of your clients and customers, while remaining in very safe hands.

Armed Guards

As noted above, armed security services can be all the protection that you need when you are busy attending to customer matters. Quality armed guards are highly recommended for high risk situations or for businesses that are located in questionable areas because they are well versed in a variety of areas. For example, their character traits play a large role in their competency on the job. They are highly intuitive, and they can detect when a situation seems odd. They are also trained to handle situations that are dangerous or criminal in nature. Many armed guards have saved lives by either intimidating criminals or by simply using force. These guards are perfect for environments such as festivals, concerts, political or high profile events, banks, watch stores, jewelry stores, and other places that are usually deemed target by criminals. Many nightclubs employ armed guards as well, in order to stave off violent crimes, and other potential threats.

Unarmed Guards

Unarmed guards, as offered by Unified Protective Services, can be beneficial for a variety of different reasons. Unlike armed guards, they cannot exercise deadly force. But, for this reason, they are less likely to abuse their authority in any way. These types of guards are great for companies located in safe neighborhoods that simply need the supplemental protection of security services.

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