Why Permits Aren’t As Bad As You Think

The Importance Of Getting A Construction Permit There are a number of building permits ranging from plumbing, well, electrical, fireplace station, finishing a basement and so on. And while it is true that construction permits are a hassle for homeowners as well as contractors, they are specifically designed to protect the general public towards the inadequate materials and even shoddy construction that aren’t up to the code. If you’re working with a contractor, then they can complete the construction permit process for you or guide you through it. These permits are often issued for a certain period of time like for instance, a building permit is good for 6 months only after its issuance and if the work is not done within that timeframe, then the permit should be renewed. There are a number of different reasons to why it is good to apply for building permits. The first among which is that, it is protecting your property values. Without a doubt, a home is a huge investment and if the construction has failed to meet the local building codes, then it may negatively affect its overall investment value. They still can have the homeowner cash in the long run while building permits often have associated fees with them. There are many property insurance companies that will not cover damages or work that is caused by the work that is completed without permits and inspections.
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In the event that a permit hasn’t been acquired and the work is done, it might result in different scenarios. The possibility that the owner may need to discard all work or in other words, if there’s an addition to the home, then it has to be torn down to comply is the first. Another possible scenario consists of filling additional paperwork or completing costly repairs to bring the addition up to the code.
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Both cities and towns across the country have their unique requirements when applying for construction permits. Yes it is true that the general idea is just the same from one municipality to the next, paperwork, requirements and the fees are going to vary a lot. Say that you have plans for home improvement project or a new construction, then it will be very important for you to check in with local permit offices in an effort to see what may be needed before the project starts. In general, the property will be inspected throughout different stages of construction and upon completion to ensure proper compliance with building codes. Most of the time, before having set of plans and construction work, completed building permit application is required. The plans have to provide necessary documentation in regards to the location of site, pre-engineered building materials and verification for zoning.