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Types of Vacuum Trucks And Their Functions

The vacuum truck business is one of the best way to gain a large profit due to its nature of having a lot of uses applicable to different settings. The vacuum truck is commonly know for its uses in the pumping of septic tanks and contrary to what most people believe, these vacuum truck have more uses than just septic tank system pumping. A lot of different applications can be done by a vacuum truck and some of these uses are able to help road fleet operators in their line of work. If you are into the vacuum truck business, do not purchase additional vacuum trucks unit right away whenever you are thinking of looking for new services to offer with your vacuum trucks, consider first the needed functions in the new service that you will offer so that you can make an assessment on the type of vacuum truck units to buy.

Dry, Wet Or Maybe Both

Today’s modern vacuum trucks have a lot of variations with regards to the jobs it can do, and these vacuum trucks can be classified according to the vacuum system it has. The vacuum system of vacuum trucks are powerful and heavy duty and the types of materials it can handle depends on the designed strength of the vacuum system within the truck, which can range from soft to hard solid materials aside from the usual liquid suction. To achieve the best decision whether to purchase a new vacuum truck for the additional service to offer that you have in mind, or an upgrade of the vacuum system of the vacuum trucks that you have, you need to first do an assessment on the vacuum system installed in each truck.

One of the most common kind of vacuum trucks that is available is the standard issue vacuum truck that is capable of sucking only liquid materials and is solely designed for liquid suction only. The much larger type of vacuum trucks have a different capability than that of the small ones since these larger variety of vacuum trucks are capable of heavy material suction due to their high velocity pumps but it cannot be used in liquid suctions. There are vacuum trucks as well designed to handle the suction of both dry materials and wet materials but only at a minimum range. They are able to suck medium sized solid materials but are also versatile enough to be used in wet suction.

The Types Of Tank It Has And Its Capacity

The wet type vacuum truck used in the suction of septic tanks is capable of holding one thousand gallons in its tank. On the other hand, the much larger variety of vacuum truck have the capacity of five thousand gallons or more depending on the specialization of its vacuum system.

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