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Comparison of the Telecommunications Available World Wide

All the through telephone, televisions, radio, wireless networks, computer network, or other telecommunication services is covered by the telecommunication. Computer hardware and the consumer electronics are getting more blurrier due to the access that the mobile device can do, such as playing videos online, track the movement of your love-ones via GPS or the global positioning system technology and view in the internet, by this the lines between telecommunications in other industries are having conflicts. The telecommunication is a large industry, it includes industries that are producing hardware, software products and that provides services.

In today’s generation products that are being introduced in the market are getting harder to categorized if the product is under in the telecommunications, computer hardware and consumer electronics. For example if you have mobile devices like cell phones, cell phones can take digital photographs, send and receive email, can surf the net, download and watch online videos or even watch offline and can monitor movements via GPS or the global positioning system technology. So when you have a cellphone you can tell if it is under a consumer electronic product, a telecom products or even a computer hardware products.

Wireless sector is now growing so fast. In 2006 the use of the wireless connections had doubled versus the 2005’s use of wireless connections based on a research. The introduction of dozens of 3G and 4G network had facilitated a wide broad of internet services, such as a quicker downloads, faster internet speed and improved service.

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol is an alternative phone calls which uses an internet applications like Skype, Facebook, Yahoo IM or other internet services. When you have the VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol its quality, consistency and reliability is not as equal to the old phone networks, but on due time it will take there. The cost of having a VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol calls is free, compared to the local phone charges is being fined every call.

Service providers provides a local or long-distance wire line telephone services, while wireless service providers provides wireless communication services. The use of ordinary service providers is much more complicated versus the services being offered with wireless are more easy to use and convenient.

GPS or the global positioning systems, TV broadcasting are the examples of the Satellite telecommunication services being offered.

The internet we are using today while searching or surfing the net are been provided by the internet service providers, thanks to them we can connect to our love-ones via online.